Who is a modern man?

Is he a cheerful person, brave enough to face the challenges of life with a smiley face, full of vitality and strength, with so much wisdom to live upon and to give others? Or is he just a lifeless creature, competing with everybody around him, desperately dependent on material possessions? You’ll agree that the majority of people can be placed in the second category.

It would be logical, you may think, that after so many books that have been written, the knowledge that has been transmitted and wisdom that has been lived by a few, he should be able to apply it and live a life full of joy and ease. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Something has gone terribly wrong.

It seems that he is less knowledgeable than ever and tragically addicted to the outside world. Poor man, after all these centuries he is still waiting for the fulfillment to come from somewhere else. He is completely oblivious of his enormous potential and is entirely dependent on the outer world.

Little does he know that solutions to his nowadays problems were already written down and experienced by sages, saints and seers -altruists, who dedicated their lives to humanity and explored to the fullest a huge complex mechanism known as a MAN.

Deep and profound truths were experienced and then transmitted, so that they can be used for future generations. Sadly, modern man is ignorant of his true nature and all the misery in his life is just a consequence of that. Still trapped in the illusion of his ego, his life is reduced to a constant struggle to become better, greater, and smarter. Competing with his fellow man just about everything is his daily ritual. The “better” he becomes, the more isolated he feels-aloneness is his companion and the fulfillment never comes. The reason for that lies in the fact that the ignorance of his true nature gives rise to the ego-the bigger the ignorance, the greater the ego.

And yet it is all false. Ego is part of this fleeting, ever-changing reality and because of this cannot be our real nature which is changeless. If he analyzes it a little deeper, he’ll find a collection of impressions of who he think he is (his name, gender, education level, social status, etc) and this I-ness and MY-ness is nothing but part of the mind called the ego. And it is the source of all his problems. The ego is nurturing the idea of separateness – I am an individual, a persona and I am better than you are. The connection with others and his real center is weak (if any) and these ties that he has created for himself, building a secure place for him to exist, is the cause of his bondage. This shiny, grandiose, unbelievable beautiful prison that he lives in he calls as his life. And everything there is his– his partner, children, pet, car, and twelve bedroom mansion. And that thing that he calls a life is nothing but socially acceptable anxiety of not losing all of it. Modern man wants to be secure in an insecure life and to create a changeless comfort in an ever-changing reality. And the paradox is practically writing itself… to be continued…

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