Your real Self is the “Silence of the Universe”
The Upanishads


about me

This website represents an attempt to create a bridge between a modern man and ancient wisdom. It was created to bring awareness and to simplify life, so that one is able to make necessary changes.To discover the laws on which Reality is based upon is to penetrate deep into oneself, which is the only way that leads to transformation.

It is dedicated to all the people who are interested in deeper meaning of life and hopefully, my knowledge and experience, that I’ve collected along my path, will assist you start your own journey.

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Who is a modern man? Is he a cheerful person, brave enough to face the challenges of life with a smiley face, full of vitality and strength, with so much wisdom to live upon and to give others? Or is he just a lifeless creature, competing with everybody around him, desperately dependent on material possessions? […]

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